Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Full moon. New life. New blog.

Here's a terrible picture of our rabbit, Susan (not our choice - we inherited her), and her first litter of kittens. Yes, that really is what they're called.

Maybe I should have turned the auto flash off. Ah, well.


  1. I like the new start, new moon and coming up to a new year (winter solstice) too.

    Like you once I stopped trying to jump through hoops I became much calmer and funnily enough found I was achieving more on the farm. Peasant farmer, that's all I want to be and believe e money from cereal growing is non-existent.

    In response to you question on the other blog and as you probably can guess it's rather complicated. The MSA cotisisations at that level are the fully registered farmer basic level. Being fully registered would mean I had a green card and pension payments etc but as I only have 11.33 hectares and for my commune I need 11.5 to register I was advised by MSA to cultivate half a hectare of land as vegetables (for sale) as that would put a 3 times multiplier on that land so would bring my total above the 11.5 limit. S I've spent nearly 2 years nearly killing myself trying to get this up and running and do all the weeding etc on my own.

    Because I registered as a farmer - I have to be to sell my grain, CPAM won't register me even though MSA refuse to. Finally I realised that the only reason MSA are so desperate to get me to register is because my payments to them would be the 3400 (or might be 3200) not the 350 I pay at the moment which gives me industrial injury cover and union fees.

    Looking at it logically I'm better off paying for my own insurance and then trying to get the carte vitale under the 5 year rule (been here 3 years in Feb) and hope it's possible that way.

    Do drop me and e-mail, (on profile), if you want any more explanation.


  2. Thanks Deborah (I haven't got this blog linked to tell me about comments - must do that).

    At the risk of sounding like a Daily Mail reader, they're buggers for cotisations, the French. Before I came here I heard about the high taxes. But in my ignorance thought that you couldn't pay more taxes than you actually earn. (Shows how much research I do before diving into things. Which is why I don't write books. Far too much work.)

    Didn't know about the five-year rule.